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Precious as a Pearl 

My name is Pauline Lomax, I am originally from Belfast, but have made Cardiff my home.

When I started making jewellery or  jewelry (as it is spelt in the USA), I couldn't resist the idea of creating jewellery using pearls.  

I love the fact that pearls are natural and unique, their lustre from the nacre makes each one special. The come in different shapes, sizes and colours. 
They have been the "gem of queens and the queen of gems" for centuries. 
Pearls are fun to work with but they are really hard to photograph! 

On my webstore, you will find a range of earrings, bracelets, chokers,  pendants and necklaces, they can be matched to make a set.  Many customers have preferences for earring backs.  From my research, hooks and posts are the most popular, but please be aware that I can offer hinge-backs, posts (all sterling silver) and clip-on screw backs (silver-plated) for non-pierced ears. 

My creations are handcrafted in Cardiff in Wales, UK.  I have been hand-knotting pearls on silk thread using the traditional method. The smaller the pearl, the longer it takes.  If you are looking for something in particular, a necklace or bracelet in a specific length - do please contact me. 

New creations will be added as they are completed and photographed. 

The company name comes from one of my daughter's songs which goes.....

'I am no stereotypical girl, I am as Precious as a Pearl!'  and here we are.

I am always open to feedback and suggestions - I look forward to hearing yours, if you have one.

Pauline Lomax 






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